Do you have shoulder, back or neck pain?
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Many people suffer from chronic pain due to sitting in front of a computer for several hours a day or pressures at work or home.

The network of soft tissue that connects and stabilizes the body is always remodeling itself. These adaptations occur based on our patterns of use, the positions in which we chronically hold ourselves, as well as our emotions and thoughts. This is why many people who meet or exceed their recommended amount of daily exercise can suffer from joint pain and injuries that are also seen in people who are sedentary.

Mr. Exercise teaches easy and affordable tools for increasing mobility and addressing chronic pain. Mr. Exercise also provides coaching and support for integrating these solutions into our lives for an easier, more graceful performance at work or in the gym.

ELDOA Method

Workplace Seminars

Online Personal


Individual Balance Workshops

Mr. Exercise will assess your lifestyle with regards to movement. There is no commitment and each session is designed to equip you with solutions you can practice on your own to make significant changes in how you feel and move in daily life.

Designed for seniors to help them to have more confidence and increase their ability to live independently. We teach exercises that, with practice, can promote  better balance and more efficient movement

ELDOAs are myofascial stretching techniques created by world renowned Osteopath, Dr. Guy Voyer. They are designed to create space in specific joints in order to improve joint function and overall health.  

Seminars are designed to teach employees how to minimize negative physical consequences from jobs that are sedentary and/or physically demanding. Employees learn how the body remodels and adapts itself to chronic, stationary positions.

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You’re on your way to a healthy and strong you. Get in touch and start moving today.

“In the short while I have been taking Mark’s class, I have found that my posture while driving has really improved… No more slouching at the wheel!” 

            ― Client Testimonials

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