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Mark Walker aka "Mr. Exercise" is a certified Personal Trainer Specialist and Fitness Instructor Specialist through CanFitPro. He is also the only certified ELDOA Method practitioner in the Durham Region.

Does pain, poor posture or body image issues keep you from living your best life?


Hello, I'm Mark Walker (aka Mr. Exercise). I am a personal trainer who believes in the body’s amazing ability to heal itself and have adapted techniques from a variety of different disciplines on my own journey out of chronic pain.

I grew up sedentary and was very uncoordinated as a child. As a teenager I got into body building and that made some of my postural issues worse. I was unable to pursue the athletic career I had hoped for because I seemed to get injured all the time. As I got older, I had issues with my neck, shoulders, hips, knees, spine and low back for years. I spent over 3,000$ per year for several years on chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage, laser therapy, fascial release therapy, neurokinetic therapy... I'll stop there but I could go on.


I was able to take away something from every clinic I visited, but was never fully satisfied with any service I utilized. Many innovative home programs, YouTube videos etc. were also helpful. Today I am happy to say that I can bend, move and play better than I did as a teenager or in my 20s. I want to help you learn to fix your own unique posture, optimize your movement, and live pain-free, so you can enjoy life to the fullest... into your 70s and beyond!


“In the short while I have been training with Mark, I have found that my posture while driving has really improved… No more slouching at the wheel!”

“After an ELDOA session, I feel as if I am able to stand and walk taller”

“Mark has been actively coaching me through various ELDOA poses, trigger point releases and stretches. Mark's calm demeanour and patient approach makes our sessions something I look forward to. Without exception I emerge from each session feeling refreshed and invigorated, and I have had reduced back pain since our sessions started.”

“With your knowledgeable support, we are continuing to learn and improve our posture as well as our own understanding of spinal and fascial health… What a wonderful challenge!”

“With a mixture of clear descriptions and one-on-one adjustments, Mark makes ELDOA come alive. Mark is an attentive teacher and I have found his training to be a wonderful complement to my yoga practice.”

We live in a culture where moving as little as possible has long been considered a sign of success or affluence. This tendency to delegate natural human movement whenever possible has led to a population that is sedentary to a degree that is unprecedented in human history.


Researchers are only beginning to fully understand the health implications of this situation, but many detrimental effects of being sedentary are already well documented.


Mr. Exercise is on the front lines of this necessary shift in our culture. Fixing your posture is about more than just looking good. Posture affects our daily lives in many ways. It can affect the way you sit, stand, walk, work, exercise and sleep. If we remain out of alignment for long periods of time, it can lead to long-term consequences, especially for runners or those who play sports, people that have repetitive or sedentary jobs, and heavy lifters at the gym.

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